haii, i'm rachel. :3 I called my blog, 'Hey you, you're beautiful' because I feel that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. When people click on it, I want the first thing they see is 'beautiful.' A lot of people struggle with beauty & don't feel like they're good enough. Well guess what.. YOU ARE. Yeah, even the person who's reading this saying, 'That may be true for other people, but not me.' It goes for everyone! God made you in His image & He loves you & thinks you're amazing. So smile, happy looks good on you. (:


Portrait Jurgi Persoons, November 1998 by Ronald StoopsPentax Issues 1: Antwerp

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I miss my babe so much /:

Port Of Reine | Norway by Max Rive

If skies and waves created paradise. on Flickr.
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